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5 Must Have Men’s Accessories For Spring

It’s the end of July, meaning winter is coming to an end and here are some accessories every man must have.

Spring is just around the corner, yes we are going to have a long month of dust and winds but it will be over before you know it. Spring months such as September & October have a lot going. Whether you going to Neighborgoods on Saturday in Braamfontein, A craft beer tasting or a just hanging out with friends at the park. You need to get your accessories right whether it’s something you were that you’ll need when out and about. Below is a list of 5 items I feel every man should have this Spring.

5. Back Pack

Accessories - Backpacks

A perfect sized back that goes with everything you wear is important to get all your accessories when going out. There’s no shame in having a back pack to carry your handkerchief, portable phone charger(power-bank), or a jersey for when it gets chilly in the evening. I always have my backpack when going out for my portable charger, camera, and other small accessories. I think you can never go wrong with a nice compact backpack that’s not too saggy and hanging over.

4. Summer Hat

men's Summer Hat Accessory

this one might be a bit bias because of my personal love of Summer hats. If you feel like a fedora is not your style, no problem because are a number of different hats with all sizes and styles. For a cool spring though, the best hat to have a nice straw hat. I know some guys might prefer a baseball hat but I love the look and functionality of a summer hat.


3. Jewellery

Accessories - Braclets, Chain - Jewellery

Bracelets are the best pieces of jewellery a man can pull off with relative ease. Leather and wooden bracelets have become increasingly popular but some guys over do it. It’s it’s to have the right number which is around one or two just to cover the wrist. It doesn’t hurt adding some dogs tags to your look as well.

2. Sunglasses Perfect For Your Face Shape

Sunglasses - Accessories

Shades, shades, shades, a must have accessories. I never go anywhere without a pair. The problem that most guys might have is finding the right shape for their face. Thanks to the guys at Real Men Real Style, we have a chart for you to see which shape would suit your face. If you’re not sure which style and shape to go with, just know that you can never go wrong with a pair of Aviators.

CHART perfect sunglasses for your face shape
Image: Real Men Real Style

1. A Watch That Stands Out

Mens Watch - Accessories

A watch is an important accessory that will never go out style. It’s important to find yourself the watch that stands out. But with stand out, I don’t mean something too flashy or looks like it came out of a cereal box. Stand out means different from what everyone has, like those gold digital, forget that. Considering the warm temperature I’d advise that you stay away from leather straps and go for a canvas (or ‘Nato’) strap. These watches are lightweight and breathable.


Image Credit: Fashion Beans


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