Ma-E - Bumpa

Ma-E Drops New Single “Bumpa”

Ma-E dropped a new single Bumpa.We saw K.O. shift from his signature “Skhanda” sound and listen to the fans and open himself up to a new sound. Ma-E is one guy who’s sticking to his “Ghanda Ghanda” movement. It’s worth mentioning though that this single is a bit different and has a trap feel to it. It goes without saying that we got the best of him on “Rau Rau” and “Don’t Lie To Me” with AKA. “Don’t Lie To Me” is that single everyone references from wishes he made something along those lines.

“Bumpa” is smooth and easy going, it’s chilled music and just another single on the album which could all be what he was going for but as a stand alone single it’s just not there. It’s missing something, it’s like when you watched Interstellar by Christopher Nolan. It’s a good movie but it tries too hard to cover a lot of concepts that it misses some of the fundamentals and this is “Bumpa”. Anyways, judge for yourself, stream the single below and click here to download.


Ma-E – Bumpa


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