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About Us - Flex Urban

Flex Urban is a crowdfunding, start-up investment and directory platform. Our business is to help entrepreneurs and creators build and bring their ideas to life. Whether you’re a tech investor who wants to price a new product to the market, need funding to start your t-shirt company, get investors in for your bakery/café or just want to reach more consumers Flex Urban is for you.
Our goal is to grow a healthy start-up environment across the country through bridging the gap between creators, investors, and consumers. We see a country that a vibrate youth that has the freedom to creates more and access to markets previously unreachable.




Flex Urban Online Market

The Flex Urban Online Market allows brands and boutiques to sell and trade online. more information about this is available on the online market store. 



 Content Creators


Flex Urban Launch


Our platform and business is user based. So with this in mind we work hard into creating the most user-friendly platform. We are passionate about start-up and creators and thrive to in creating the best possible platform for them to express themselves and their work. Consumer satisfaction is our number priority at Flex Urban.


Work Environment

We believe that work environments should be open and challenging to bring out the best in the team and allow them to perform at their highest levels while being able to create meaningful work. We are always looking at ways to make our consumers life as easy and convenient as possible. This in turn serves as daily challenge to our team as a whole.


Our company is built on these core corporate values
• Appreciation of Our Consumers
• Helping Others Reach Full Potential and Grow
• An Open & Challenging Work Environment
• Equity Incentives for stuff


To contact us please fill in the form found in the contact page or use the following details:
E-mail: admin@flexurban.co.za
Phone: (016) 581 0041
Cell: 076 908 6928