Corporate Culture

 Work Environment

We believe that corporate culture & work environments should be open and challenging to bring out the best in the team and allow them to perform at their highest levels while being able to create meaningful work. We are always looking at ways to make our consumers life as easy and convenient as possible. This in turn serves as daily challenge to our team as a whole.

Corporate Culture


Our company is built on these core corporate values
• Appreciation of Our Consumers
• Helping Others Reach Full Potential and Grow
• An Open & Challenging Work Environment
• Equity Incentives for stuff


Compelling Equity Incentives

It’s about time corporations’ reward their employees and offer them more than a salary. We believe employees should also be able to be owners in the companies they work for. Flex Urban has four available stock options available to all employees:

  • New Employee Stock
  • Promotion Stock
  • Top Performers Stock
  • Long Time Serving Employee Stock


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