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A4B is a professional services firm providing accounting, tax, payroll and business advisory services to clients across various industries. As specialists in accounting, we allow you to focus on growing your business while we take care of your finance function.

Dispersive Consulting (Pty) LTD

Dispersive Consulting
We solve the problems that Entrepreneurs face in growing their business. We take care of the Finance Management,which include Monthly performance reporting,analysis and advising. Tax Planning and Compliance. Business Process Management, planning and registrations to the necessary institutions. We are your go to guy to solve business barriers to growth.
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We provide Administration, Marketing and Graphic Design.

The Chozens
We provide all Personal assistant and Office administration, we fetch work that needs to be done and work from our own office then return to the clients upon completion. We also provide marketing, where we market our clients entities in every way possible on their behalf. Also, we offer graphic design and also conduct research on behalf of our clients.

Zeroscape is a fully accredited business partner with Sage Pastel Accounting and a registered practice with The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.

We offer services for business consulting, support, training, management reporting, project management, ERP solutions, HR & payroll and development.

Zeroscape CC
We offer the full scope of services to implement your new business system or upgrade your existing system.
Our view is that an essential part of any project is toensure that the system outputs meet both management’s and the end users’ expectation and is aligned to the internal control environment of the business.
We ensure that the assessment of business processes and data migration requirements in the new system together with the sign-o of the system design addressing these business processes and data migration requirements are completed before any system implementation is started.
ERP implementations commonly fail to deliver on expectations due to these initial assessments
and sign-os not being properly completed. The success or failure of ERP implementations is closely
linked to how the change is managed with the end users as it is these end users that drive the system via
the inputs.

Therefore, our project management caters for change management and specific one-on-one end
user training as an integral component of the project plan together with a post implementation review for
final sign-o of the project completion.

Business Consulting
The economic and business environment, in which we operate, changes constantly. We have the expertise of
managing business and understand that business needs to adapt to these changes to be relevant and sustainable for
the long term. Investment in your business through proper processes, systems and people creates a successful
business that grows in value over the long term. We advise executives on the most appropriate solutions required to adapt to change thereby keeping their business up to date and successful. It is more important to improve and adapt in the “good times”, as this creates profitable and sustainable business rather than when the business is struggling as this destroys value.

We offer clients a choice from a variety of business consulting and improvement initiatives, depending on their
requirements and fully implement these into the business.
We treat our client’s business as our own as our success is a measure of their success. Therefore, we take the time to
understand our client’s business and particularly the areas they have identified that needs improving.
Generally our clients know what they want done but rarely have the time or expertise to implement the solution. Our unique advantage of being experienced business professionals who can implement business systems enables us to deliver integrated solutions that are practical and relevant to the business environment rather than solutions that are only IT focussed.

Zeroscape CC
Accounting services firm

ZLM Accounting Solutions
We provide accounting services which include bookkeeping, financial statements preparation, tax accounting, budgeting and financial analysis. We ensure that you also obtain a good understanding of your financial position and educate you on possible growth strategies. A competent accounting function can contribute to the success of your business. Contact us for quality services.

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