Finding The Right Keyword For Your Google Ad

Right Keyword For Your Google Ad

I want to take this time and talk about finding the right keyword for your Google Ad-Words campaign. When using Google Ad-words or Search Engine Marketing(SEM), meaning you pay every time someone clicks on your ad, just bidding and choosing to pay whatever amount is not enough, the perfect keyword can mean spending less for a higher return. 

Take for instance if you R10 to acquire a new customer and that customer spends R100 with you then that is a good return. But if for every R10 you spend, you make R5 that’s a bad return. This also goes with knowing your Customer Aquisition Cost(CAC) but for now, I want to focus on how the right keyword can be beneficial for you.

Please note by keyword we mean a single word or a full phrase like “Business Cards Johannesburg”. So as mentioned in the previous paragraph you can determine if a keyword is good or bad based on its return.

Things to consider for having a great keyword

  1. How Relevant Is Your Keyword – Is your keyword in line with your business and service and clearly describe what you do? If you print business cards, it’s best to mention that rather than talk about how to design a business card.
  2. Traffic A Certain Keyword Generates – You may have compiled a great keyword that’s relevant for your business and website but it also has to be something that people are searching for, so it’s also wise to do research on popular keywords. 
  3.  What Is The Competition Doing – Keeping up with the competition and knowing what they doing can be helpful. Your competitor could be using a keyword that is relevant and generating traffic, it could be a good idea to either use something close to them or find another relevant and traffic-rich keyword that can be unique to you.

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