Flex Urban by the Numbers – January (Month 1)

Flex Urban by the Numbers

As a founder of Flex Urban, I strongly believe in corporate transparency, being open about how we do business and all the ins and out. It also goes without saying that in building an online market, we also have to build trust with our consumers, the brands that sell with us and all involved in our company.

Inspired by a very powerful article by Sahil Lavingia titled Reflecting on My Failure to Build a Billion-Dollar Company. This not only changed my view on openness and sharing but how I viewed our own company, Flex Urban as a whole.

So as uncomfortable and embarrassing it may be, we have taken the decision to start sharing our most important metrics with everyone who’s interested and has the time to check them out.

Hopefully, in the coming months, how these are shared will improve and get better.

Flex Urban by the Numbers

Flex Urban Online Market
Gross ProfitR0 
No. of Selling Brands Online5 

Last month we saw new brands sign up and create online profiles. Unfortunately, none of the new brands were able to start selling online using our platform. Some people might have noticed all with the slow marketing we been doing online, this was due to the fact that we still had to fix issues with the return policy and our courier partnerships. Starting this week all this will be sorted.

We have chosen Courier Guy as our shipping partner for a delivery rate of R50, some items will come with the shipping costs included already.

Here’s our new Return Policy

Flex Urban Blog
Number of Posts17
Unique Number of Visitors734
Number of Visits1477
Number of visits/visitor Per Page2,01

The Flex Urban Blog posted great numbers despite having a low article output during the whole month of January.

Breakdown these numbers for people who might be familiar with web metrics

  • Number of Posts – Article posted during one calendar month.
  • Unique Number of Visitors – Number of individual people who visited the website.
  • Hits – Number of file requests made to the website.
  • Number of Visits – a Total number of times the entire website was visited.
  • Number of visits/visitor Per Page – The number of pages a single visitor visits/views on average.

There’s no question that we looking increase the numbers of posts this month by at least three times. Thank you to everyone who still visited our blog.

Flex Urban Web Services
Gross ProfitR50
No. of websites hosted5

Most of the projects for Flex Web Services were work that overflowed from December. Much of the revenue was booked then and completed last month.

For any questions about anything posted in this article, please free contact us on WhatsApp: (+27)76 908 6928, and Twitter: @FlexUrban & @_nhlanhlam


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