Flex Urban Online Market

Flex Urban Online Market

The Flex Urban online market is an online market that brings local brands and boutiques together. We host a wide range of brands from across the country. Our goal is to bring local designers and brands together under one umbrella.

We have worked with brands and companies before in markets and helping them through our blog and social media. We’ve been working with event organizers to make these markets possible for brands.

The goal now is to grow companies/brands and help them to sell not just in markets or in their immediate areas but to reach every customer in the country. Times are changing and the days of moving from one location to the next to make a sale are gone. Customers themselves want one centralized site for local boutiques and Flex Urban is exactly that.

Register Your Boutique

To register your brand on the marketplace you can go the vendor registration page and fill in the form there. You will have full access to upload your products, check orders and track your sales.

Flex Urban charges 15% commission on every sale. 10% goes to Flex Urban and the 5% goes to online payment processing company. You don’t have to pay any monthly fee, you get charged on what you sell and have full control on all your products.

Buy Online

Buy directly online from your favorite brand using our secure payment option or pay cash on delivery. Our online market gives you the chance to buy directly from your favorite boutique.

Contact Us

Still not sure about something or just want to have a couple more questions? Then we would love to hear from you, sent us a quick us mail on our contact us page and we’ll get back to you.