Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Market Frequently Asked Questions

Online Market Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Flex Urban Online

The Flex Urban Online Market is an online marketplace designed for local brands and boutiques to sell their products online. This is made mostly to help these brands that don’t have websites to directly sell their products to South Africans across the country.

How do I sign up?

To sign sell to on our website, you have to fill up the registration form here

How Much Does It Cost To Sell On The  Website?

We charge a 15% commission on all items sold on the website.

What Are The Terms of Use or Agreement Between Sellers and Flex Urban?

Every seller that makes use our platform to do business, agrees to our Vendor Terms of Service Agreement. Once brands are accepted to sell online, we recommend that they go through it which is emailed to the vendors and also available on the website.

How Are Vendors Paid?

We process the gross of what every vendor sells on our platform every month end minus the commission. This is also explained more in detail in the Terms of Service Agreement.

How Are The Goods Shipped To The Buyer?

We use a third party courier service company. The vendor packages the product themselves and the courier company collects it at the given address during registration and delivers it to the consumer.

How Are Returns Handled?

In the case that the consumer is not happy with the quality of the product or has any other issues. The courier service is dispatched to collect the product and return it. We have a 7-day Free Return Policy to the consumer. After the 7 days has passed the consumers pays for the collection of the product and no returns are accepted after 30-days.

The vendor/seller pays for the collection of the product if it’s returned by the consumer within the 7-day period.

Can I Sell My Products Via Different Avenues or Should We be Exclusive To Flex Urban?

Vendors can still sell their products via different avenues and platforms.


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