Redefining Flex Urban

The great thing about a private company is that you don’t have to worry about quarterly performances, stock price, and overall public scrutiny. Running a private company usually means you have yourself (board and shareholders if you have) to answer to. But it shouldn’t be that way, consumers, users, employees, and others directly and indirectly involved in your company matter too. To me personally, I think this lack of responsibility has haltered our progress as a company. Flex Urban does not only serve its consumers but also has an obligation to its vendors who sell on the platform. 

As a new tradition, I’m going to start releasing blog posts and emails every Friday about where we are as a company, what went wrong and right during the cause of the week. I have been trailed and tested what and how I wanted to build this company. So now, as we officially move forward, the goal is to not make this my journey but everyone involved in and with the company our journey as a whole and hopefully document it.

Nhlanhla Mazibuko


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