Registration Process

Vendor Registration Guidelines

1. Registration

To register as a vendor to sell your brand products on the website, you first have to go to the vendor registration page here.
You will be required to fill up the form:

  • Starting with your Name & Surname(person who will be running it)
  • Username could be your company or brand name
  • Email address
  • Vendor name, this is brand name that people will see
  • Lastly a short description of what you sell

Once you have had sent the form you will get this message on the screen

2. E-mail Notifications

Once your registration has been sent to us, you will receive an e-mail notification.

You can then create your password word, after which can use the username provided in the e-mail to sign in.

3. Approval

Once we receive your application, we will review and either decline or approve your registration. You will receive a second e-mail about your registration approval.

4. Dashboard Backend

Once you’ve been approved and logged in you will be able to see access the Vendor dashboard. This will show you all your summaries such as  Net Sales for the month, the number of products left in stock, commission etc.

Through this dashboard, you will be able to see your orders, reports, add or edit your products, store settings for editing and setup up your vendor profile and others.

For any help you can go to the support page and fill in your query 

Looking Forward To Doing Business With You