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Since you made it here, we assume You’re interested in selling on our website and reaching your customers across the country! We have some hints and guidelines for you as to what you’ll need to get started.

Well before moving forward we are going to assume that you already have a service or product that you want to sell.

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How Does Work?

Sellers/Vendors need to register by filling up a simple form providing their Name(Vendor Contact Person), Business Name & short description. Once completed, you will be notified if about the success of the registration. Following the success of the registration, you will be given login details to use to create a profile on the website.

You get to upload, remove and control your products. Get sales stats and other admin data on the go. 


We charge a 15% commission on all items sold on the website. We don’t charge any subscription fees, so you pay what you earn. 


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